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Author Topic: The Check-In Desk of the Heartbreak Hotel  (Read 528 times)
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« on: October 28, 2009, 12:30:15 PM »

Shout Outs to the Powers That Be for Making This Forum. Shout Out to The Animaniacs For Holding Me Down. We Here Now!!!

Anyway, This is the HeartBreak Hotel, The Place on tha Corner where you can talk love, sex, relationships, dating, and regular day to day shit that isn't political enough for the Barbershop.

But Keep In Mind that This Room is the HeartBreak Hotel....Not Grown and Sexy Part 2, Therefore....

1.)All Popularity Threads Will Be Kept To A Minimum.....I Can Tell You Now, That Those Threads Will Not Fill Up The Whole Front Page Like They Did in That Other Room. One and Two every blue moon are cool, but they will generally either get moved to Off-Topic, or Deleted Entirely.

2.)Disrespect Towards Women Will Not Be Tolerated.....Maybe Your Momma Abused You or You Just Got Cheated On By Your Girl, That Doesn't Mean Come Here and Disrespect Our Women. If Females Can't Frequent The Relationship Forum in Peace, Then Shit's All Effed Up With The World.

3.)No Roasts/Exposures....They Will Be Moved to Off-Topic or Deleted

4.)Please Make More Than Just Sex Threads.....Please? If You're That Sex Obssessed, We Have The Gentlemen's Club and Animania's Hentai Thread.

5.)The Accepted Topics in This Forum are Dating, Sex, Relationships, and Everyday Life(Such As Work, Family, Kids, The Club, Bills, etc.)........Overly Political/Socially Conscious Threads will be moved to the Barbershop.

6.)No Asking For Nudes!!!!!! I'm Gonna Stop That Problem Before It Starts. If you want the nudes, PM and do it on your own time. I will delete posts that ask for nudes.

Other than that, just obey the site's general rules, and enjoy the Heartbreak Hotel. Breakfast is at 9.

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