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February 09, 2010, 09:21:47 PMLatest Member: BRiCKS
Tha Corner » Tha Corner » Heartbreak Hotel »  (Moderators: cHIVe, Blood-Raiyne Threezie, The Mad Hatter)Things that don't make any sense at all
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Author Topic: Things that don't make any sense at all  (Read 176 times)
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Just Thowd
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not this one he aint, i dont think alimony should be given  to everybody, i feel you have to be done put in some work to get it, like tx you gotta be married at least 10 yrs before being eligible for alimony, alotta women say they independent when they aint, they be prepertrating, i cant stand that new song independent cuz them same burds be in the club shakling they asss talking bout they independent be the same hoes with they hand out on they nigga pay day, if i feel if i do the same work as a man i should be paid the same tho, but there is alotta shyt i aint gone do i aint equal to a man imma woman fuck the sheninagans we are not the same, but that doesnt mean i should get advantages either just cuz imma woman , some women take it too far and make real good women look bad and its pitiful

1st black female serial killer.....U Mad, how bout you charge me?

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getting married

whats the point??

can't ya just be together and not have to worry about all that divorce shit that may come down the line?


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