Lil Wayne-Rebirth Review

Tyson gives an overview of Lil Wayne's rock debut Rebirth


When Lil Wayne stated in 2008 that his 7th studio album would be his debut into the Rock genre opinions were very mixed on whether or not this was the best course of action for him. Some fans felt as if this would be yet another way for Wayne to exhibit his creativity and growing versatility whereas others felt as if he should stick to more traditional rapping as it was obviously his bread and butter and that he was over-extending himself.

Furthermore, after still waiting for his collabo efforts with Juelz on I Cant Feel My Face and T-Pain on He Rap, He Sang…it didn’t seem likely that this album would ever come to fruition.  After multiple release date push backs and rumors of a permanent shelving, it seemed as if Rebirth would be put on Detox status…forever floating around in the abyss of the Unreleased album Universe…that is until mid December. On the 14th of December the internet was set ablaze by rumors of Amazon accidentally prematurely shipping 500 copies of Rebirth, which wasn’t set for release until February of 2010. As the rumors swelled, the facts emerged that in fact the album had been leaked and instantaneously it made a home on internet downloading sites.

Upon listening to Rebirth the first go around, there were a few songs that definitely stuck out in my mind as definite bangers…those being Drop The World, Knockout, Paradice and Runnin. There were a couple more that seemed good but not great such as One Way Trip,  American Star and Prom Queen and then a handful that were borderline good to just okay such as Ground Zero, Da Da Da, Get A Life, On Fire, and The Price Is Wrong. Due to my ears not being used to hearing this type of music from Wayne, it took me a few spins to mentally get into the mood and loosened up to the unique sound of the album but once I did I found the entire album growing on me. The biggest thing that stood out to me was the sound of the album itself. I wouldn’t necessarily brand the album Rock N’ Roll, so for the fans expecting an actual Rock N’ Roll album…you will be disappointed. The album has more of a punk/alternative feel to it with hip hop elements strewn in sporadically as hints of Coldplay, Limp Bizkit, Linkin Park, Blink 182 and No Doubt can be heard within the album. Furthermore diversifying the feel of the album even more is Wayne’s use of the vocodor of which im sure Jay-Z wouldn’t be too pleased about and Wayne’s use of both rapping and singing and sometimes both within one song.

When I first saw the track listing I was disappointed in the number of songs on the album, 12, but after giving it a few spins I feel as if the length of the album is more of a positive than a negative as it keeps it fresh instead of dragging on and on as some albums do and due to the eclecticism of the album, the length makes it just perfect. There are a few featured guests on the album such as Eminem, Shanell, Kevin Rudolf, Nikki Minaj and Travis Barker. Eminem stole the show on the song Drop The World, which is hands down the best song on the album and finally grants Wayne’s wish of a feature with Eminem. Kevin Rudolf is relegated to singing the hook on One Way Trip which also features Travis Barker on the drums.  Nikki Minaj gives a great performance on Knockout, allowing her soft spoken, sultry voice to perfectly compliment and contrast Wayne’s and Shanell absolutely dominates Wayne on the three tracks she has with him and it can be said that her voice carries two of the three songs with Runnin being the standout track for her.

Overall, the album although very eclectic, meshes together very well and can be defined as organized confusion. Wayne goes from singing to rapping to screaming and then back to singing but assisted by auto-tune…yet it amazingly seems to work for him. Although some of the songs feature serious lyrics from Wayne, the majority are just playful, simplistic songs about high school love, breakups and life in general. He gives a pretty good performance on Rebirth and is definitely assisted by the guests on the album as well. Although I was skeptical about the premise of his debut rock album, I must say that I would definitely look for another rock album from Wayne if he were to release one.

Standout tracks-

Drop The World

Skippable tracks-
Da Da Da
On Fire
Price Is Wrong

Overall- 3/5

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0 #5 CB 2010-01-05 17:10
This album was TRASH.

It's even worse than C3.

1.5/5 at best
0 #4 JOSHROCK 2010-01-01 19:24
Nicely done Tyson. After reading this I would have thought the number you assigned as ranking would have been a bit higher due to the ways you presented Wayne's positives. With that said, I don't think this album is my cup of tea based on your breakdown of its contents. I don't really check for his rap albums so I doubt I'm going to check for any type of alternative. I did enjoy the write up.
0 #3 Dark 2009-12-31 17:35
Nice review

I really enjoyed this album
0 #2 Dr Doom 2009-12-28 22:32
As someone who frequently listens to Rock (almost more than Hip Hop) this album is just embarassing. This is not as much a Rock album as it's an album of a slightly delusional rapper creating music that he thinks is Rock.

Perhaps people not so familiar with Rock can look past that, but even then, I don't just consider this bad Rock music, I consider it to be just plain bad music!
0 #1 Apollo 2009-12-28 11:29
Before Lil Wayne i had no idea that it was possible to sound awful whilst using autotune.

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