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Tyson and Cutthroat keep their ears to tha street and talk with up and comers B Simm & Black Dove.

B Simm has been the talk of Louisville, Kentucky for quite some time now and has been consistently churning out quality music while carrying his city on his back. From mixtapes, to touring the south His hard work and dedication started to pay off when people of the caliber of Dame Dash started knocking on his door.

With five mixtapes Simm City, Talk of the Town (hosted by DJ Styn), The One (hosted by DJ D-Ceezy),  Raising the Bar (hosted by DJ E-Feezy) and The Warning under his belt he has reached and proven his presence in the music game. His delivery and content will expose his strong beliefs of the streets and his versatility has the ability to penetrate national markets. B Simm's long tumultuous childhood reflects through his personality and recognizably originates him as The B Simm to be remembered. With that being said, lets talk to the man himself...B Simm-


Tyson- How long have you been rapping or into music? What propelled you to choose this career path?

B Simm- I've been doing music since I could talk ...I started taking it seriously after high school though ...but I started my 1st group in 3rd grade..but I just figured what could be better than to get paid to do what you love.

Tyson-Kentucky has always had the negative connotation of being country, rural and backwards-a view that was further reinforced by Nappy Roots earlier works. If you could describe Kentucky or Louisville for that matter in order to clear up some misconceptions…what would you say?

B Simm-now Kentucky is a little country...not so much Louisville though...But I don’t see nothing wrong with being country Atlanta is country so is Alabama, Florida and so on...I just don’t want people thinking we wear straw hats and no shoes though  ..It’s cool though b/c when people come here they shocked like damn I aint know it was like that...but a lot of people hate on the nappy roots movement, but they opened a lot of doors and they went platinum so to each his own

Tyson- Do you think that coming out of Kentucky has made it harder for you as an artist than say someone coming from the east, west or south?

B Simm- I think so a little b/c of the market it’s a smaller market...but it also is a plus b/c when people hear my music they like -Kentucky really?? Lol...I feel like if u can make it from here then you really can make it from anywhere... Louisville is a great test market, if it’s hot or not Louisville will let you know

Tyson- As of lately the hip hop industry has been filled with a lot of lackluster artists, stagnation, and similar styled artists. What do you bring to the table that distinguishes you from the rest of rappers out? What do you offer that the industry is currently lacking?

B Simm- I bring what the game is missing and that’s good music...a lot of rappers are just rappers and not artist. I’m coming to give game and relate to the common folk... sometimes I have to swag up on em though just to get my point across...the labels need to stop pushing the ringtone rapper its killing the game...

Tyson- If you could pick one song out of your catalogue to have someone listen to in order to make them a fan of your music…what would it be and why?

B Simm- that’s a hard choice man for real...I got a joint from simm city called say my name that introduces people to me but its older...I got a newer joint called toast it up that explains a lot of what I’ve been thru to ..man I got too many songs we talking bout like 400 deep

Tyson- In the song Say My Name from your Simm City mixtape you spit the following bars-

Pops never saw him never/
Soon as I came he went/
hold on let me rephrase that/
as soon as he came he went/
You see he left me a bastard/
If he was dead I would piss on his ashes/
like I used to piss on the mattress/
wake up the next day and start flipping the mattress/
get stressed and start kicking the mattress/

There seemed to be some pent up frustration in those bars…how would you say the absence of your father has affected your music, perspective on life, and/or life in general?

B Simm-  I wrote that lol...Nah but not having a father put more fire in me, more of the drive to make it...now it doesn’t bother me like it did when I was younger but I know a father figure should be in every house hold. It feels good to reach the people in the same situation and give them hope that you can make it without one.

Tyson- I saw a video of you meeting with Dame Dash. Did anything materialize out of that meeting? What was it like meeting someone of Dame’s caliber?

B Simm-Yeah the situation with dame is one of those things that are still a very possible option...there’s just a lot of business that takes place in deals...but I like to keep all my options open. Meeting dame was cool .it’s crazy to be in the same room as a person who you looked up 2 in life...but he's a real down to earth dude .its easy to forget that people who are in the spot light are human.

Tyson- You are one of the best to come out of the Ville undoubtedly, so what does it feel like to carry a city on your back like that?

B Simm-Shit it’s a lot of pressure b/c there’s a lot of people counting on you...its a good thang I’m not the only one doing it ..There’s a lot of good artist here that just need that look. but I wouldn’t change it for the world.  it gives you another reason 2 wake up in the morning. my back is hurting like a mf lol

Tyson- do you have any new music coming out? When can we expect a new mixtape or album from you? Where can we find your music at?

b Simm- I’m constantly in the studio. right now I’m working on releasing the flood early 2010 leading up to the simm city album...so just expect that same consistent b simm good music...the music will available on itunes real soon. And constant updates on facebook.com/bsimm

Tyson- Every rapper has a different method for writing. Can you explain your writing process?

B Simm-majority of the time I don’t write , sometimes I do 4 bars at a time , sometimes I sit in front of my gmail and type it ... Sometimes I get out the pen it just depends on the track. It’s whatever I feel at the time

Tyson-If you could pick three artists to work within the industry who would it be?

B Simm-Young Dro I think he is so slept on, trey songs I’m just a fan, and jay jus cause it would bring my talent out for real

Tyson-you got anybody you want to shout out?

Shout out to god, my real family they know who they are, dj styn kymp kamp dj's, efeezy, Louisville and the rest of ky


Check out B Simm's music at


Contact B Simm at-




0 #12 AI 2010-01-18 16:27
Good interviews...

B Simm didn't impress me at all really
Black Dove ain't bad
0 #11 Ty The Great 2010-01-17 17:51
Good stuff. I see potential for this part of the site. Keep shining on the young artists.
+1 #10 JOSHROCK 2010-01-16 18:27
I've read through these and listen to each track. B Simm's responses seemed to be more immediate, more natural to me while Black Dove's responses came off as much more calculated to me. Music wise, BD writes some nice lyrics but he needs to work on his breath control. Some of his lines feel forced an his constant gasps for air after lines becomes quite distracting. B Simm said he brings what the game has been missing, but to me he sounds like the game that is already there. He had some dope lines on the U Dont Know track and the second verse to Say My Name was good. I wish them both the best of luck but the extent of my checking for them will most likely end with these 8 tracks posted.
+1 #9 Bruh man 2010-01-14 18:16
Good read. Need mixtape download links though lol
+1 #8 A P D 2010-01-14 03:46
Good interview ... great job guys
+2 #7 truthspeaker 2010-01-13 07:49
some of yall sound a little pissed. is this B simm dude hittin ya chick or something? He is pretty nice on the mic
-5 #6 Randy Wade 2010-01-13 02:30
this website just lost a lot of respect.....

B Simm=no hot bars

Video with random shots with dame dash=yeah right B!

LOL, never coming to this site again!
-2 #5 Andy Williams 2010-01-13 02:00

B Simm is trash, always will be trash, aint nobody checking for this dude outside of his house...real talk
+2 #4 CutThroat 2010-01-12 23:49
props to everybody checkin
+2 #3 hiphopdown south 2010-01-12 17:07
this guy can really spit. Im going to be lookin for shit from him

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