Open Letter to Lil Wayne

Open Letter to Lil Wayne


Dear Mr. Carter,

I have been following your career on and off since your first official solo album The Block Is Hot dropped in 1999. Over the years your music has fell in and out of favor with my ears for multiple reasons but through and through you are one of my favorite rappers. I can remember listening to “F*ck the World” as a teenager and feeling as if it was my personal motto. I remember “Shine” being the summer anthem at the skating rink in 2000 and “Everything” reminding me of my own relationship with my father. In high school, the Sqad mixtapes were the hottest things out and when Tha Carter series started “Go DJ” was in constant rotation. I think The Drought 3 was one of your best mixtapes and I still have The Carter 3 in sporadic rotation although I must admit that The Carter 3 Sessions was better.Currently, Rebirth is getting constant play in my car as well as at home and I respect the risk you took for creativity and artistic expression. In a nutshell, I’ve watched your career progress from that of relative obscurity to global recognition over the course of a decade and although you have made your career a successful one, I’d like to take the time out to offer some advice from a fan’s perspective in hopes that it will make your career even more fruitful in the future.

Firstly, let me speak on your impending 8 month jail bid. I’m sorry to hear that the system screwed you over but now you get to see why Pac considered himself Public Enemy #1. You can’t be in the public eye that often and expect nothing bad to come from it. Learn from Pac and use this jail bid as chance for character development and maturation. I know you are a smart dude as you attended the University of Houston as a political-science major… so pick up some books and broaden your horizons. And in between reading, don’t be scared to pick up a pen and pad and write some bars down for the first time since 2003. I understand your reasons for not writing anymore but the worst thing it could do is make your bid go by faster. T.I. picked up the pen and pad again for Paper Trail and look at the difference it made in his lyrics.

Hopefully this will teach you to let security do their job and carry the guns. Again, just look at T.I. Hire some private security to carry whatever guns you want them to. Hell, hire some Blackwater private security so you can still claim to carry army guns. Just be smart enough to distance yourself from that nonsense as it has brought you nothing but bad luck. Look at C-Murder, look at Shine as well as countless others. You shot yourself once and now you are going down for a gun charge. What more proof do you need that you and guns don’t mix? Stick to the booth and let security stick to the gunplay.

Also, let me please say this-put down the Styrofoam cup for at least one album. I’m fully aware that your narcotic induced reality is greatly responsible for your heightened creativity but it is also responsible for your “nigga what?” moments and on top of that, look at what it did to Pimp C and DJ Screw. How many separate drug charges are you facing? Too many, that’s how many. Ask Beanie Sigel, DMX, or B.G., they’ll all tell you not to throw your career away for a few minutes of enjoyment. If you can’t get over your weed habit, buy some synthetic THC and pour it in some water and you’ll get the same effect. Just make sure you get a prescription first…and make sure its’ in your name. I know, I know, its’ your cup and we shouldn’t worry about what’s in YOUR cup but what you don’t realize is that you are in the public eye now and when you become public fodder…your business is our business. The jail bid would be a great chance to wean yourself off of the promethazine so give it a chance and if you don’t like the results…pour yourself some of that pink stuff and forget all about it.

So I see you are on your corporate tip now, starting labels, signing artists and serving as president. Congratulations on your evolution sir. Just keep in mind a couple things though. First, make sure you have your own personal accountant to check behind Cash Money’s in house accounting as we all know the books are getting cooked at CMR…just ask Juvenile, B.G., Young Buck, Mack Maine, Gillie the Kid, T.Q. and the list goes on. Don’t let your personal affiliations and relationships hinder your ability to procure the money that is rightly yours. And when you get that money, make sure to hand Uncle Sam his ASAP. Uncle Sam has been watching BET lately and realized that you rappers are a little forgetful when it comes to handing him what he is owed. Don’t end up like Nas, Dame or Ronald Isley because that shit has to be embarrassing. Its one thing to not pay your bills when you are broke, but to not pay your bills when you are wealthy makes no sense at all.

And while you are trying out that syrup free lifestyle, think about putting out some mixtapes that don’t have any features on them. I have to give you props for putting your label mates on your songs but let them do their own mixtapes as they aren’t on your level yet and their presence just dilutes the strength your mixtapes could potentially have. Since we all know you have a fascination with cannabis, try this analogy out-think of your mixtape as a blunt, you as the marijuana and your label mates as tobacco. Now when you just put weed in the blunt you get the desired potency and desired effect. But when you add some tobacco into the blunt with the weed, the strength of the blunt is diminished entirely. The fans want pure blunts sir, save the filler tobacco for their mixtapes and compilation albums. Think Dedication 2 or Drought 3.

Furthermore, try putting out less material so often sir. Although your work ethic and dedication to your craft are highly appreciated and respected, there really is such a thing as an over saturated market. Maybe not today, or even tomorrow, but eventually if you keep going at your current rate, your songs will be as common as a one dollar bill. Maybe you shouldn’t put out one minute songs anymore either. Try being a little reserved with your music. On your new mixtape No Ceilings, you stated that your flow was “as precious as diamonds” and that you “dropped jewels”. That was a nice line but look a little deeper into that statement. Diamonds are actually one of the most common gemstones in the world but a very business savvy man by the name of Cecil Rhodes, who founded DeBeers,  figured out that by controlling the flow of diamonds and the amount that were released yearly, he could inflate their worth and charge what he wanted for them. Do the same with your verses as the rarer they are, the more impact they have and the more value they carry. It’s in your best interest to heed that advice sir. Instead of dropping a mixtape every month, compile all of the material, weed through the “just okay” stuff, polish the rest and turn it into a two disc album. If The Carter 4 were a two disc album reminiscent of The Carter 1 and 2…you could be looking at a potential classic.

In addition, since I’m on the topic of albums, do your fans a favor and do more tracks like “I’m Me”, “Trouble” and “Shot Through The Heart”. Prefix and Suffix are fan favorites and The Carter 3 sessions is considered better than the actual Carter 3 album. Whether you are aware of it or not, it is the deeper, introspective tracks of yours that get the highest ratings amongst your fans…not the “lollipops”, “Get Money’s” and “Mrs. Officers’”. Those songs do broaden your fan base but they simultaneously disappoint your current fans who have riding with you since the Hot Boys. Put those songs out on the mixtapes and leave the gritty street anthems and introspective songs for the album. You still satisfy both markets and if the “pop” fans you have acquired are truly fans, they will buy your albums and get accustomed to the Carter 2 and 2 Lil Wayne instead of the Carter 3 Wayne.

All and all sir, you are greatly talented artists with the work ethic of Tupac and the potential of Bigge or Jay. You give your fans glimpses of genius but your inconsistency as of lately has some of us worried. We would appreciate it if you could take a step back and look at your fans as a whole and realize what it is we really wish from you. You have a great career ahead of you and if you heed some of the advice in this letter, your potential is limitless and your growth has No Ceilings so allow this jail bid to cause your Rebirth. Thank you for taking out the time to read this and I look forward to The Carter 4.


~Written by Superfluousloquacity


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